Today a hot special about the hottest asses from the grids.

These girls really know how to show their hot asses.

Enjoy your second day of christmas!

1st day of Christmas Gift!

I quess you all know what today's special for Christmas is all about....
Today we bring to you the hottest girls from the grid.

These hotties are all about the real deal! We sure like our Boobs.
Tomorrow we will bring you another naughty special.

Hooters could make a nice selection from these girls.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

The team of Umbrella Girls wishes all our blog readers a
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hot Babes and cool Bikes

Today we bring you a special series of Bikes and Babes!

The bikes are all from the World SBK class, one of the most
exciting racing classes around. Almost just as exciting as these hot babes.

We'll hope you will enjoy these Bikes and Babes!

We bring you a new blog about Bikes and Babes later this week,
so check back.

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Corona Suzuki paddock babes.

A few days ago we did a blog about Bavaria babes, so we have to do one
of Corona Suzuki paddock babes also, you already know we like
a good beer!

A few years ago the Corona Suzuki paddock babes where a treat
on and of the races. The Corona Suzuki paddock babes are hot
and their beers are cold.

The Corona Suzuki paddock babes in this blog are just like
their beer, nice and tasty.

Enjoy the paddock girls from Corona Suzuki.

Paris Hilton 125cc racingteam.

Paris Hilton is running a 125cc racingteam in MotoGp next year!

We now have one more reason to look forward to next years
season! I bet we we'll see some pretty nice grid pictures from
Paris Hilton next year!

For the time being, you can enjoy these hot pictures from
Paris Hilton, witch were taken at the launch of Paris Hilton
her 125 racing team in Madrid.

Pictures also include one with one hot cameltoe from Paris Hilton.


Brux Suzuki grid Nurses.

We like hot nurses, so today we bring you the hot Nurses from Brux Suzuki!

We don't know what the f*ck Brux is about, but we sure know what
their Brux Suzuki Grid Nurses are about, every single one of them is
hot and sexy.

The Brux Suzuki Grid Nurses aren't around any more, but they sure deserve
a little attention on our Blog!

Enjoy these hot and sexy Brux Suzuki Grid Nurses!

Hot and sexy Xerox Ducati Babes!

How could we forget the grid girls from the Ducati Squad....
Today a tribute to the Ladies in Red!

Ducati is know'n for their brilliant and perfect Italian design.... 
These hot and sexy sexy grid girls are just as perfect.

So enjoy these hot and sexy Ducati ladies in Red.

Bavaria babes, we all love them!

We @ the team of Umbrella-girls all love the girls from Bavaria.
Maybee it's because we also enjoy their beer?

Any way we selected the hottest girls from Bavaria
for you today and put them on our blog in random order.

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The hot chicks from Alica/Pramac Ducati.

We'll were kicking of with some beautiful hot chicks from the Alica/Pramac Ducati squad!

There are some really sexy paddock chicks in this blog! The Ducati squad really knows
how to pick their chicks!

Enjoy this episode with hot girls from Ducati!

Pirelli Girls!!

We all know the famous Pirelli Girls Calendars, but they also put some sexy ladies on track!

So here a some nice Pirelli Girls from the web. We hope you enjoy these ladies.

Not the Pirelli Girls Calender stuff, but they are getting close!

The hot and sexy Rizla officers!

We at Umbrella-Girls don't like the police. But we have a weak spot for a certain type of officers!

Yes your right The Rizla Officers!! We found the hottest of them on the web and we bring them to you in one steaming blog.

We would mined to do some time with these officers around! So enjoy!
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Naughty paddock girls

We brought you a few episodes of paddock girls from other racing classes,
but we still like the ones from MotoGp best!

Today we have a few extra hot and naughty paddock girls from MotoGp.

We think you will enjoy them just as much as we do.

Hottest grid girls from the grid of DTM.

As promised earlier we are back to bring you the hottest grid girls from the German DTM racing class.

It wasn't that easy to find the hottest grid girls of DTM, but the team of Umbrella-girls did it.
Enjoy this episode of hot and sexy grid girls.

Hawaiian Tropic anyone??

On our endless search on the worldwideyummie-web we stumbled across a variety of Hawaiian Tropic hotties, we selected the Motorsport related pics and here they are!!

Apparently the product is about sun-protection? The team of Umbrella-Girls would mind to put on some suncream on these sexy chicks!!

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Back to the biker babes!

We don't know how about you, but we just had about enough of the not so hot Formula 1 grid girls...

We like the hot and sexy girls from the motor-racing scene much better.... so we are back again with the hottest and nicest grid girls! We keep it classy, near to the naughty edge though..

As promised we will be searching for the grid girls from DTM later this week.


A random collection of hot Umbrella Girls from Formula 1.

Once again we managed to get the most sexy and hot Umbrella Girls from the grid of Formula 1.

It's a random collection so enjoy. Check back soon for another random collection. Later this week we will bring you the hottest Umbrella Girls from the grid of the DTM!

Most sexy Formula 1 babes!

The recent month we brought to you the hottest Girls from MotoGP, World SBK etc. We didn't show you that much Formula 1 Babes.

It's time to make up for that, today the hottest, sexiest grid girls from Formula 1!
Enjoy, we keep blogging Formula 1 babes in the following week. So check back.

All pictures property of their respective owners!

Monster Girls Tribute!

At every race the Monster Energy grid-girls are pure eye candy,  so we dedicated a video-clip to them.

All of the grid-girls in this clip were in one of our previous blogs.

We don't mind the winter, let it snow let it snow....

We don't mind the snow, we just have a reason to search the web for the hottest paddock girls!
Today we have a collection of paddock girls, grid girls and umbrella girls, so enjoy.

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The winter kicks in, these grid girls will keep you warm!

So winter really kicks in in some parts of Europe, so we thought we should bring you even hotter grid girls. We'll do the searching, you do the warming up!

If you get cold, remember to check our blog! We bring you the hottest Grid Girls, Paddock Girls and Umbrella Girls.


The days get colder, the girls get hotter!!

We are back with a new round of the hottest girls!

We'll do the searching so you can sit back and relax. 

Don't forget to check back at the end of the week! As promised we will bring you an extensive video-clip with all the girls from this weeks blogs!

(all pictures property of their respective owners)

The most sexy paddock- grid- and umbrella-girls from the web!

It's been a while so as a way to make up for that, we have been searching the web for the hottest Grid-girls, paddock-girls and umbrella-girls.

We will keep searching in the following weeks and will blog them regularly. So check back soon. You don't need to search for the hottest babes, we will do that for you.

As promised we make a movie compilation from the girls from the previous week!!

The Bonus!

As mentioned in part 5 of our series tributed to the nicest and hottest Umbrella Girls from the grid of MotoGp, here is the video compilation!

We keep searching for the hottest Umbrella Girls out there and put them on the blog regulary. So check back soon!

In the mean time, sit back and enjoy the show.

The hottest Umbrella Girls MotoGP 2010 part 5.

So this is it the final of our 5 episodes about the most gorgious Umbrella Girls from the grid of MotoGp 2010.

Don't be sad, after this we will bring you a bonus! All girls displayed in this tribute in one movieclip!

It sure is something to watch out for! So check back in the next week!

All pictures by Andrew Northcott (he brings us these hotties)

The hottest Umbrella Girls MotoGP 2010 part 4.

Here is part 4 from the series. After this one, only one more part to come.

As a bonus we will bring you a movie compilation of the hottest Umbrella Girls from the grid of MotoGP 2010. So be sure to check back after part 5.

Once again all pictures by Andrew Northcott.

The hottest Umbrella Girls MotoGP 2010 part 3.

As promissed in part 2, here are some even hotter Umbrella Girls. There are 5 parts to come in this series, so check back regulary!

After these 5 episodes we'll get you some Umbrelle Girls from the grid of World SBK or maybee Formula 1.

So check back!

As all pictures in this series: photos bij Andrew Northcott

The hottest Umbrella Girls MotoGP 2010 part 2.

As promissed part 2. of the nicest Umbrella Girls from the MotoGP grid 2010.
Part 3. soon to  come.

Once again al pictures bij Andrew Northcott


The hottest Umbrella Girls MotoGP 2010 part 1.

Today we have a selection of the hottest Umbrella Girls from the motorracing season 2010. In the following days we wil bring you a random selection of the hottest girls out there.

Al pictures taken by Andrew Northcott.

Valencia MotoGP Umbrella Girls

Today the hottest girls from the grid of the finalround of the MotoGP Championship 2010.
We selected only the nicest and hottest girls from the grid.

As most of the championships allready came to an end,
we will be posting Umbrella Girls we have seen during
the past races this year

As been said, only the hottest Umbrella Girls from the grid of
MotoGP, World SBK and Formula1.

Assen MotoGP Umbrella Girls

Today only the hottest Umbrella Girls from the Dutch round of the MotoGP championship.

Estoril MotoGP Umbrella Girls

This is the start for my new blog dedicated to the nicest Umbralla Girls out there.

All pictures by Andrew Nortcott

The kick-off