F1 Turkey Special

Have we got a suprise for you! A special about..... well
you all can figure that out for your selfs.. Enjoy!!

Incredible Jerez!!

We all remember the magnificent race Rossi had until he decided to take out Stoner!

For sure the crash will be an extra motivation for Stoner to beat the Doctor on the track.
The famous words : "Your ambition out weighted your talent" by Stoner won't be forgotten soon!

Up Skirt (too hot to handle!)

It's been a wile since you last heard from us... Of course we had to celebrate
new year and we have been searching for the most exclusive footage of
Up Skirt girls from the grids!!

It hasn't been easy but we got hold on some pretty hot stuff...

Apparently the Up Skirt pictures are a well kept secret...

Non the less we hope you enjoy the Up Skirt pictures we managed
to get hold on!!


Today a hot special about the hottest asses from the grids.

These girls really know how to show their hot asses.

Enjoy your second day of christmas!

1st day of Christmas Gift!

I quess you all know what today's special for Christmas is all about....
Today we bring to you the hottest girls from the grid.

These hotties are all about the real deal! We sure like our Boobs.
Tomorrow we will bring you another naughty special.

Hooters could make a nice selection from these girls.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

The team of Umbrella Girls wishes all our blog readers a
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hot Babes and cool Bikes

Today we bring you a special series of Bikes and Babes!

The bikes are all from the World SBK class, one of the most
exciting racing classes around. Almost just as exciting as these hot babes.

We'll hope you will enjoy these Bikes and Babes!

We bring you a new blog about Bikes and Babes later this week,
so check back.

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